Meet Rory

I’ve not posted in a while, partly because I have been busy working on some larger pieces, which naturally take more time, and partly because some of these were/are to be given as gifts so I didn’t want to post them here and spoil any surprises.


This pooch, Rory (I love that bottom tooth!), belongs to my sweet niece, Emily.  Rory and Emily have been through a lot together over the years, and now living many states away they have been great travel buddies and banked hundreds of miles to come home for visits.  I’m sure many artists have these same emotions, but when wrapping the framed watercolor of Rory, I was nervous with anticipation and hopes that Emily would feel like I did justice to her furry friend.  She did, indeed, love the painting and commented that she wants to hang it in a prominent place at home so visitors can see it!  I wish Emily and Rory a lot more years (and car trips) together, and maybe one day the miles will be many fewer.

20 thoughts on “Meet Rory

  1. From someone who has met Rory this painting looks just like her. What a beautiful painting. I know Emily will cherish it. From Carols Mom

  2. .Awesome painting, Carol. So professional and personal! Have you any idea how your painting has changed? i think it started back with your painting of a chocolate bar over a year ago. Something clicked and your work has just gotten better and better-i love it! Keep it coming.

  3. Thanks! My niece just left for home today and promised to find a good place to hang the painting :). Hope 2018 has treated you well so far 💖

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