Art Classes – St. Maarten Painting

A few months ago I was in a rut with my art, partly because of not finding enough quality time to create and partly because of feeling stuck with my progress. Around that time my friend Judy saw a story in the local paper about a weekly art group forming in our area – all skill levels welcome!  Having no real formal art instruction other than a 6-week beginning watercolor course for me and lots of YouTube and other tutorials, we thought it would be fun to join. After learning the basics of line drawings, negative and positive spaces, composition, gridding, etc., we finally started on our first paintings.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten

This 12 x 15 painting is inspired from a photo I took in St. Maarten last year, and yes the sky was that dramatic and the water was really ribboned with those gorgeous colors.  I am thankful that I was required to work in a size larger than I am used to, and I relished having a professional artist to suggest, critique, and guide me along the way.  She is respectful of my style and listens to my thought processes, offering a variety of options and encouragement, as do the fellow students.   I am hopeful to complete a new “big” painting every four weeks or so in class while continuing my usual practice at home as posted here and on Instagram. Now to select a subject for my next painting …

13 thoughts on “Art Classes – St. Maarten Painting

  1. I love this picture. It just reminds me of such a fun time! I also enjoy taking those art classes as it is so much fun learning and enjoying my new art friends.

  2. So glad you found this art course; you deserve a good and respectful teacher. Your “first” painting is nice ( I especially appreciate that wave) Would you consider working from a still life for your next one rather than from a photo? There is an important difference in the process and the results as well.
    Keep posting!

  3. Thanks, Holly! Yes, I plan to work with stills too and am working on my drawing skills. So many options, and I appreciate any helpful suggestions you might have 💖

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