Ground Squirrel

I’ve been blessed to be away for the last two weeks on an adventure to Glacier National Park in Montana and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The parks were so different from one another but each was unique and breathtakingly beautiful.

Unfortunately, GNP was a bit smoky because of wild fires on one side of the park, but we were thankful to have had a couple of clear days. The smoke added a layer of mystique to much of the landscape, and I send well wishes and thanks to all those involved in containing the fire.

Yellowstone was a place of wonder, enchantment, and awe. I saw things I never knew existed, and I was mesmerized by bubbling, gloriously colored pools of hot springs and spurting geysers. It was like being on another planet!

I left with art supplies in hand and with high hopes of creating on location, but we were so busy that I just now finished my first painting. I gathered tons of inspiration on the trip and hope to do justice, through my paintings, to the animals, landscapes, and natural beauty experienced in these wonderlands.

This little ground squirrel is the first of many drawings and paintings to come.

8 thoughts on “Ground Squirrel

  1. These squirrels were so cute and I loved seeing them. They were way too domesticated though and would come up to you. Great picture!

  2. Envious! You’ve been to the places I’d like to go sometime…I’m happy you enjoyed your time in the middle of nature in spite of the fire and smoke. Love your artwork Carol 🙂

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