Draw A Bird Day, July 2017

Happy Draw A Bird Day, July 2017 edition.  As you might now, the true Draw A Bird Day is April 8, but because we enjoy drawing birds so much, some folks in the WordPress blogging community commemorate the occasion on the 8th of every month.

Black Bird

Black Bird

This black bird was lurking around my back yard. His eyes looked so sinister I thought surely Alfred Hitchcock was around the corner, but he certainly made for good subject matter.

Here is the reference photo I took. Just a little creepy. 👀 

23 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, July 2017

  1. Hi Carol something weird happened 2 days ago someone followed me on IG the account was yours but only 10 posts on it! I know you follow me for way longer time but at first I thought that you made a new account! I don’t think you did!

  2. Thanks for telling me, Carolina. Evidently someone was impersonating me on IG. I reported it and IG took it down. You would think hackers could find something better to do with their time! It was a little creepy though.

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