Happy World Watercolor Month 2017!

Our buddy Charlie over at Doodlewash created World Watercolor Month last year, and it is a monthlong celebration of all things watercolor! Doodlewash has a terrific community of watercolorists of every skill level – from novice to expert – and from all parts of the world.  We plan to play along all month by painting a little something each day, sharing our works, and “meeting” new folks. To celebrate I am taking an online class called Fresh Florals taught by Sandy Allnock over at art-classes.com.  In this class we will be painting loose, impressionistic flowers.  I painted these whimsical trilliums by following along.


I then painted this one with a little more realism but not too much detail. My gosh, it is so hard to refrain from fiddling with it! 



Wishing you all a fabulous, creative July!

9 thoughts on “Happy World Watercolor Month 2017!

  1. My Gosh I’m glad you didn’t “fiddle it”; you painted that realistic trillium beautifully and the others are perfect too in their own way. It is such a pleasure to see your work, Carol. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Omg, Holly, you have made my day! I truly value your opinion! Maybe a World Watercolor Month can help you get back in the groove. IF not, enjoy the Month in your own way šŸ˜

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