Seagull Studies

In the process of digitizing our photo albums, I came across this somewhat creepy but interesting seagull photo.  I took this picture in 1981 on an overcast Florida beach with my trusty Kodak 110 Instamatic camera.  Amazingly the photo turned out, although grainy by today’s standards.


I painted the main bird three different ways and brightened up the backgrounds, and although none is particularly outstanding I like aspects of each.

Seagull 1

Seagull 1

I liked Seagull 1 well enough but wanted the painting to be looser.

Seagull 2

Seagull 2 was a bit looser, especially the background, and I introduced some purple for interest.

Seagull 3

Seagull 3

While painting Seagull 3 I brought the purple to the forefront.  I planned to paint a couple more studies but became a little bored with the subject, so I will revisit it another day.

Could adding another color improve the painting?  If so, which color(s) would you suggest?


18 thoughts on “Seagull Studies

  1. Nice study Carol! I like all three of them my favorite is the second one I like the loose feeling and the splash of color in the sky and because is not the classic normal watercolor! I like things different this has more character than the first one to my opinion! About adding another color not sure but maybe a sort of yellow orange well balanced in the bottom right corner like the seagull is flying out of a sunset! 😉 it’s just an idea!

  2. I really like the different ways of seeing the same subject. I’m kind of partial to the third one, but I like them together best. (K)

  3. These are really great Carol! I’m leaning towards the second one being a fave… there is a nice boldness to it that isn’t too stark, the splatters add a nice bit of interest and excitement to the cool, soft sky. The only thing I’d suggest is maybe adding a little more of your warmer colours? – just for the sake of contrast and experimentation, but I really feel its quite good as it is.

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