Cards for the Kiddos

I finally have another full box of cards to send to Send A Smile 4 Kids, an organization dedicated to collecting and distributing handmade cards to children who are inpatient at Children’s Hospitals. They accept handmade kids’ cards for holidays, birthdays, and everyday cheer.  You might have seen the Sesame Street cards previously on my blog, but they go over so well with the little kids that I made more.

I try to find card patterns that are gender neutral, thereby being more useful to the organization, and this time I made some for older kids too.

I hope they fulfill the goal of making a child smile even while sick in the hospital.  Have a great weekend!

14 thoughts on “Cards for the Kiddos

  1. Thanks, Jill! Paper crafting was my first love, until I discovered watercolor, and I enjoy getting back to it when I can. 😘

  2. Thank you, and I was grateful to run across an article about this organization so I could help them out. Have a great weekend!

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