Time Flies

My goodness, what happened to the last four weeks? Time has flown so quickly it is ridiculous!  During this time I was on vacation for a week, but the three weeks afterward have thrown me for a loop with much busyness of life.  It has left me precious little time to create, but when I’ve had a moment to do so I’ve had way too many ideas in my head, felt unorganized, and got nothing accomplished – this makes me cranky.  Thankfully this week things have slowed down, and I’ve had a chance to organize my thoughts, semi-organize my work space, and post on the blog.



While organizing I found this cute little fellow that I painted a while ago but never shared, mostly because I thought the hay looked more like spaghetti noodles than hay.  Who’s to say that giraffes don’t enjoy spaghetti? Happy Wednesday!

15 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. I was hoping you were doing OK! ❤ Love your giraffe! I drew them for a whole year and mine never looked as good as yours! 👍🎨 I fed them lettuce at a zoo in Colorado Springs. So why not a little spaghetti to go with the greens.. hehe! But I do think it looks like hay, Carol. 😁

  2. Your giraffe certainly looks to be enjoying his spaghetti. You have made me smile too. What is it about giraffes? Hope time settles down for you Carol.

  3. Hi Jill! Thanks for your concern and I am making strides in getting back to “normal.” Thanks too for your kind words in the giraffe, and I am glad you think it looks like hay 😁

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