Draw A Bird Day, June 2017

Wow, did May “fly” by as quickly for you as it did for me? I have a love/hate relationship with months when that happens. I love that it happens because it usually means I was quite busy doing worthwhile things, but I hate that in what seems like a blink the month is gone. Indeed we were busy last month with a family vacation, which I thoroughly loved, but in that blink of preparation I did not get to create much or blog. It’s okay – It was totally worth it and I am sure to make up for it. (I did get a lot of painting inspiration on the trip.)

For this month’s Draw A Bird Day I offer this meadowlark, inspired by a photo taken by my ever-talented brother-in-law, Rob. I changed up the scenery a little but hopefully captured the essence of the bird he photographed. 

Thanks, Rob, for inspiring me with your skillful photos! 

14 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, June 2017

  1. I love watching birds especially now that we have the bird feeder. They are very relaxing to watch and this one is really a good watercolor.

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