Generally you want to see a shine on the tender surface of an onion, just below the crackly paper-thin skin.   Vidalia onions are my favorite and they are especially good this time of year, so mild and sweet.  However, I happened to have a lot of purple mixed on my palette, so I opted to paint these purple onions.  While they look pretty on a salad or sandwich, purple onions tend to be too strong for my taste buds.

Purple Onion

Purple Onion

Did you know that putting a fresh onion in the freezer 15 minutes before cutting into it will reduce eye tearing/crying?  This is one of my favorite kitchen hacks.

5 thoughts on “Shiny

  1. Your purple onions look edible!! Wow! Good work, Carol! 🎨💕👍 I’ve heard that if you soak red onions in water for a few minutes it will make them more mild. I haven’t tried it yet. I like your tip about putting them in the freezer! 😃

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