Feathery, Draw-A-Bird Day, May 2017 #WorldWatercolorGroup

These pretty tree swallows were captured in photograph by my talented, artistic brother-in-law, Rob, at one of our local parks.  I took a little liberty with the background, which really doesn’t show up very well in the scan, but the birds are the stars of the show anyway.  These beautiful birds have iridescent dark blue head and back feathers and stark white fronts.  Tree Swallows feed on small flying insects that they catch in their mouths during acrobatic flight.  I bet that’s a grand sight to see!

Tree Swallows

Tree Swallows

Thanks to Charlie from Doolewash for appropriately assigning the prompt of feathery today, and again thanks to Rob for the great reference photo!

19 thoughts on “Feathery, Draw-A-Bird Day, May 2017 #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. I love these birds! Birds are my favorite to draw and you’ve done a great job capturing these beauties.

  2. Thanks, Susan! I’ve never noticed how iridescent and beautiful their feathers are until I sat down to draw and paint them! 💖

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