Today I am playing along with the World Watercolor Group prompt of “furry” and introduce to you Cricket, a 4-lb. teacup poodle that is no longer with us but definitely left paw prints in our hearts.  Cricket would visit us when her family was on vacation, and although she was the tiniest little dog, she had a personality of a Great Dane!  She took herself very seriously and definitely ruled the roost when it came to doggy pecking order.  I like to think that Cricket and my dog, Winji, enjoyed their vacations together, but mostly they just tolerated each other.  Sometimes I could get both on my lap at the same time but not often.  I miss Cricket’s yappy bark and the way she would spin in circles when she wanted to be picked up.

Cricket, the 4-lb. Teacup Poodle

Cricket, the 4-lb. Teacup Poodle

My husband said I should have painted a tiara on Cricket’s head, but instead I gave her a regal purple background to denote her royal demeanor.  I think she would be pleased.


9 thoughts on “Furry

  1. Aw; my Cricket is so cute and you captured her personality so well. She did have a big personality and liked to show it around all the dogs that we watched. It was so much fun having them all together the one time and seeing their different personalities show. Thanks for painting her!

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