Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora borealis, look to me like magical, brightly colored curtains swirling and rippling through the northernmost night sky in a fascinatingly beautiful yet almost eerie scene.  Of course the scientific explanation is not quite that flowery: “collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.”

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

I’ve never witnessed the aurora borealis but hope to some day.  Have you ever seen this phenomenon in person?  I’d love to hear about it.

10 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Yes I have seen them on several occasions. Spectacular. Hard to describe. It feels like you can reach out and touch them. Good job painting them.

  2. Hi Carol, That is a beautiful painting of the Aurora borealis. David and I and the boys did see the Northern Lights when we were camping along the shore of Lake Michigan Upper Peninsula near Sleeping Bear Dunes. We were out on the beach one August night looking for shooting stars over the lake and then we started to see lights over the lake in the North direction. At first we thought it was distant lightning, but as they grew brighter we realized it was the Northern Lights. Other campers joined us on the beach to watch. I didn’t know how lucky we were to see this at the time.

    Thanks for bringing back a fond memory.

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