Herbs – Lavender

Lavender is a member of the mint family and is used in cooking as well as aromatherapy.  The essential oils of the herb’s flowers are used in skin and beauty products, and the oil also has antiseptic properties.  Having visited a handful of lavender farms in my travels, I’ve found that a little culinary lavender goes a long way in most food products.  However, I enjoy cooking with a blend of Herbes de Provence and sipping a cup of hot lavender tea often.

Herbs - Lavender

Herbs – Lavender

This wonder herb is also known to have soothing, comforting properties that can ease restlessness, insomnia, and headaches.  For sweet dreams, place a little sachet at your bedside or in your pillowcase.

9 thoughts on “Herbs – Lavender

  1. I just bought some lavender plants because I love the smell so much! I enjoyed going to several lavender farms and learning more about them. Great picture!

  2. Lavender is my favorite herb.
    I love the soft ad hard edges you used to paint the blossoms; they are nicely done. And, the texture of the pot is incredibly real-lovely!
    But I’ve never had lavender tea. Is it good?

  3. Lavender tea is awesome, especially when mixed with a little spearmint. Again, a little lavender goes a long way – just a hint or it can be perfumey. Thanks for your kind words on my painting 🙂

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