Bee, #WorldWatercolorGroup

As promised here is one of the creepy crawlies that I am not fond of observing up close – a bee.  I don’t know how accurate this one is to a real bee because I simply drew it without looking at a reference photo and am going with it.



I love what bees do for us and know how important they are in nature, but looking at every wiggling, twitching, alien detail is not enjoyable to me.  For that reason it was very easy to paint looser, something I want to do more of, so thank you, bee, for teaching me a lesson in loose painting!

17 thoughts on “Bee, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. I think there are two legs missing on the top section of the bee. Your painting is lovely even with the missing legs. It is difficult for me to look at some insects the same as you;also, I have high respect for their importance and duties on our earth. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and painting

  2. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter if your bee is anatomically correct. Especially if getting up close and personal with one just to check grosses you out!! Courage. Nicely done Carol.

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