Worm, #WorldWatercolorGroup

All of April’s World Watercolor Group prompts have to do with springtime, and after looking over the list I realized there are a lot of creepy crawlies in the challenge.  This is way out of my comfort zone because I am not fond of observing these things close up, let alone painting their details.  As a kid I had no issues picking up worms but was not fond of spearing them onto fishing hooks, and lady bugs and butterflies somehow did not offend my senses.

I started painting an inchworm but his little face was a bit too creepy for me, when suddenly I remembered my daughter’s old toy called a GloWorm.  The face of this plush battery-operated “worm” lit up with a gentle glow when squeezed or hugged, making it a good bedtime toy for a child to snuggle. 



I promise to tackle a few of the April challenge critters during the month, but I also promise there won’t be a lot of detail.  Guess it will be a good chance to practice some loose watercolor techniques!

17 thoughts on “Worm, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. Glow little glo worm; glitter; glitter! I think that was the way the commercial went for the glo worm. Very nice!

  2. Dear Carol,
    I love it that you can freely say how it is that you don’t like insects. I think i feel the same way about spiders tho’ I try to overcome it. Insects on the other hand fascinate me. I shall have to post some I’ve painted.

  3. incidentally and of great importance your ability to create the illusion of a soft squish-able but solid form is awesome. it’s so fun to watch you become more and more skilled as you keep doing these challenges. It’s hard for me not to emote after spending a lifetime as a teacher; you are a most dedicated student and it shows.you are doing wonderful work.

  4. I just scheduled a post about a bee and another about a ladybug. It is all the wiggling, twitching, and alien faces that are so icky to me. I am so not a nature girl because I am allergic to poison ivy, and as soon as I step outside it seems like I get divebombed by a dragonfly, I get stung, or a gnat flies up my nose! 😂. Good thing we have a screened-in porch!

  5. Thanks, Holly! That means a lot to me! I’ve always wanted to learn to watercolor and now that we are empty nesters basically, I have more time to practice. I love every minute of it, even when things don’t turn out so well. I learn something new with every painting 🙂

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