Shells, #WorldWatercolorGroup

This month I decided to work on a larger painting that would also correspond with a WWG prompt, and I was guided by my love of the beach.  Since my beach tutorial book was still out from painting the hermit crab, I zeroed in on these shells.



This painting has several layers for the background in order to build up the variations in color.  I didn’t follow the instructions totally because I never have the exact colors as specified, and actually I thought it suggested too many colors anyhow.  That does nothing but confuse me, so I ended up using only five colors in the painting and mixing my own variations as necessary.  Hopefully this painting helps transport your thoughts to a warm, tropical place on this cold February day.


16 thoughts on “Shells, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. I love your shells! The middle bottom has lots of colors blended, muted, and just beautiful. And the one on the right I really like with the bolder colors and the shape. The largest one, what caught my eye was the pearly center with its soft blend of colors. I can totally see this painting hanging in a restaurant on the boardwalk at Folly Beach. Great job! 🙂

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