I was an avid reader as a younger person, and although I enjoy a good novel now and again most of my current books come from the non-fiction section.  I have stacks of watercolor, art, and drawing tutorial books in my collection currently and enjoy reading thoughts and opinions of others while gleaning bits of information.  I never want to stop learning!



My daughter gifted me a 66-color Try It color sheet from Daniel Smith, so I opted to use a shimmering paint to create the gilded lines on the book spine and front.

As far as novels, I like a nice fluffy story because the world needs more softness.  I read novels in order to escape into other places, imaginary or not, and this helps me relax and decompress.  I mostly prefer a real book as compared to a digital reader – what is your preference?


17 thoughts on “Books

  1. Anymore I pretty much just read the Bible, science and politics news articles, and forum posts, all of them mostly online (especially forum posts). Sometimes a history overview in a wikipedia article. It’s useful to be able to compare each Bible verse in different translations, have access to lots of commentaries, and even be able to look up the original Hebrew and Greek words. That can all be done with books, but not as conveniently.

  2. Like you, I seldom read fiction stories but enjoy mysteries; reading non fiction is very stimulating giving me the opportunity to learn and research info on subjects and events I enjoy. My small library bookshelf is full of books on nature, art, journals and nature. I love everyone of those books; some are unique and no longer in publication. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too! I am glad you have a collection of books that you cherish. Opening up a beloved book is like reconnecting with an old friend!

  4. I do still prefer a real book versus a digital one, but lately have been reading more off my Kindle just for the convenience of it all. I love your watercolor books and now I think I’ll sit down and read a book:)

  5. I love a “good” book but don’t often take the time to read books for fun anymore. My concentration doesn’t seem to be as good as when I was younger. Yet, today I did sit and read a little… I’m like you, I love to learn! I mostly read art books anymore but I do love a good novel! Do you have a favorite author? 😀 Awesome painting too! 💕🎨

  6. Hi Jill: If I read fiction, I like gentle reads – kind of quaint hometown things. I like Phillip Gulley, Ann Ross, and Charlene Baumbich. I also enjoy Karen Kingsbury – especially her series about the Baxter family. What about you, Jill?

  7. Thanks Carol! A friend loaned me, The Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner that I have yet to read it! I used to read more. I appreciate your recommendations! I’m trying to prepare for foot surgery where I won’t be able to do much BUT read! It is a couple of months away but I’m trying to plan ahead. 😊

  8. I LOVE the feel of a book in my hands and turning each page. The newspaper as well, but the news is not nearly as entertaining as a book. Just not the same holding an e-reader as a good old book! Loved your drawing of them.

  9. Wow, I’m the complete opposite! I own far more fiction books than I do non-fiction books (I want to read more this year–I had a stage of reading autobiographies a few years ago, but I don’t even do that anymore). I definitely prefer physical copies of books as opposed to e-readers, though!

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