Outdoor Game, Lawn Darts

The game of lawn darts, aka yard darts, jarts, or javelin darts, was invented in the 1950s and was played by underhand tossing giant dart-like objects across the yard in an attempt to score a bulls-eye in a yellow ring target.  The end of the dart had a heavy metal pointed tip that would allow them to stick into the ground.  While this game could be fun, as you can imagine it was really quite dangerous – so much so that it it was eventually banned in the U.S. after sending many people to the emergency room.  Thankfully, some less-dangerous versions of lawn darts have since been created.

Outdoor Toys, Lawn Darts

Outdoor Game, Lawn Darts

My parents had a set of lawn darts when I was very young, but as we grew and wanted to play we were given our own lawn game called Posy Pitch.  It was more of a ring toss game with the rings being shaped like large, groovy posy flowers, quite appropriate during the era of Flower Power – and much safer!

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Game, Lawn Darts

  1. When I was younger, back in the 70’s, people weren’t concerned about safety and pointy objects. I remember playing lawn darts as a small child with my family and we had a blast. I also remember playing “stretch” which was a knife throwing game – kinda like Twister in that you had to stretch to put your foot where the knife landed when your opponent threw it. haha. Ahh those were the days! Great painting. Brought back memories. 🙂

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