Cooking Toys

My sister and I played pretend often children, and of course we always played “mothers and fathers,” or what most people call “playing house.”  While our imaginary husbands were at their jobs and our doll babies were quietly sleeping, we would of course be mothers.  Yes, I know this is a bit stereotypical but it was the 1960s, so there you go.

Cooking Toys

Cooking Toys

These little cooking pots were pieces of our kitchen toys.  I remember imitating my mother by making potatoes out of Play-Doh, cutting them into chunks with a dull play knife, and plopping them into the pots.  Oh, the simple pleasures of childhood.  By the way, this painting was my first attempt at a reflective or silver surface.  Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Cooking Toys

  1. Hahahha I had fun reading this one and remembered my childhood memories 😍 In summer vacations sometimes we used to cook while playing house 😀
    By the way I like the pot illustrations, I can see the reflections and highlights on them.

  2. I think playing house is an ageless game – I still see my nieces playing it lol.
    This was such a lovely read, Carol. And the illustrationed pots are so well done!

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