Today’s prompt is balloons.  This giant snowman is made of over 6,000 balloons intertwined in a basketweave-type pattern.  It stands four stories tall, took almost a week to construct, and is on display at one of our local shopping malls.  The latex balloon smell certainly permeates the air, and there are even signs on the doors warning those with latex allergies to stay away and use a different entrance.

Balloon Snowman

Balloon Snowman

In case you are interested, you can help “melt” the snowman at an official popping party this weekend.  Be sure to wear your earplugs!



6 thoughts on “Balloons

  1. Too cool; I like it! I didn’t know they were going to pop it this weekend. That would be extremely loud considering how many balloons went into the making of that snowman.

  2. WOw that’s something COOL 😎 Liked how you illustrated today’s prompt and the subject you choose 😀

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