Educational Toy

Today’s prompt is “educational toy” and because magnetic refrigerator letters popped into my head first, here they are.  The bottom half of our fridge was covered with these brightly colored letters and numbers when my children were small, and the toys kept them busy while I was doing kitchen tasks.  Of course at first the kids were too little to spell, but playing with the letters was good for fine motor skills and the magnetic aspect was amusing to them.  As they grew we started spelling their names and words like Mom and Dad and other easy sight words.

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets

The bottom half of the fridge has been bare for quite a long time now, but to everything a season.  If I still had the letters out I would spell “Today is Tuesday,” because I keep thinking it is Monday due to the New Year holiday.  Happy TUESDAY!

9 thoughts on “Educational Toy

  1. Putting a turkey in the oven for dinner, going to the grocery, stopping at the dry cleaner, then work – I work from home so hours are very flexible. Happy Wednesday!

  2. I purchased a set of the refrigerator magnets for my granddaughter. However their refrigerator door is not metal. But their entry door is. So that is where we play with the letters when I am visiting. Thanks for sharing your happy sketches.

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