Candles are plentiful this time of year and are the symbolism of many things.  Candles can signify love, romance, prayer, passion, faith, and hope.

The Jewish Festival of Lights, or Hanukkah, lasts for eight days, and each day is celebrated by lighting a candle in a candelabra called a menorah.  Christians see candles as “Christ’s Light.” On the Advent wreath, a candle is lit each week to remind us of the coming of Christ or the ray of hope. Candlelight represents Jesus, who is the Light of the World and who guides us from all the darkness of the world. The flickering glow can also remind us to be a light to others and help those in need.

Candle with Bow

Candle with Bow 

One more day until Hanukkah and two more days until Christmas.  At this special time of year, I will leave you with this:  Light always overcomes darkness (John 1:5).  No matter your beliefs, keep shining!



9 thoughts on “Candle

  1. This candle looks so warm and inviting. There’s nothing I love better to do than to light a candle on a cold day.

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