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The first Christmas lights were invented by none other than Thomas Edison in 1880, at a time when folks used the dangerous practice of lighting Christmas trees with candles.  Because electricity was so expensive at that time and many people were mistrustful of it, commercial incandescent Christmas light bulbs were not popular until the early 1900s.  Since that time Christmas lights have gone through many upgrades and trends and have consistently become less expensive to buy and safer to use.  Blinking lights first made the scene in the 1920s and funky-looking bubble lights appeared by 1946.

These retro Christmas bulbs are reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s and are the first ones I remember as a child.  There was nothing better than sitting in the darkened living room, illuminated only by the soft glow of the lit Christmas tree.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Twinkling midget lights came out in the late 1960s and have become safer, less expense, and more energy efficient, so much so that folks now cover their homes and yards with enormous displays, sometimes set to music.  Such displays are fun and quite entertaining to see, but I much prefer the cozy glow of the Christmas tree in our darkened living room.


12 thoughts on “Lights, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. What a fun memory. Your story brings me back to when I would sit in my parent’s dark living room and gaze at those large bulb lights in colors of white, red, green, blue and yellow and orange The room seemed to glow and fill with magic during those moments.

  2. We always cut a young white pine for our Christmas tree. The big colored bulbs among the long needles added a magical lace of shadows to the the already soft magical glow from the lit tree. I used to hate it when someone would come into the living room wanting do some other activity and would turn on a reading light. The world would return to normal-dull and all the fairies and magical beasts would fly away. I usually got up and left.

  3. I love Christmas lights. There’s nothing better than turning off all the lights and just sitting there reflecting on everything; very relaxing.

  4. I bet that was beautiful! Just took the tree down and although it seems bare in the corner now, it is nice to get back to “normal.”

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