Nashville, Tennessee

Happy November!

We have been fortunate to do some traveling off and on since September and with each trip, whether short or long, I find myself that much farther behind on many things, including blogging.  However, most nights when I sit down to relax I thankfully have had time to catch up with all the talented, inspiring bloggers I follow (better than a magazine or being subjected to too many political commercials!!).

Luckily, during our travels, I was able to make a lot of paintings in my sketchbook.  One thing about keeping a sketchbook is that although the pictures are not “masterpieces,” they are PRICELESS in making memories and become a fun travel diary which takes me back to the places where I so carefully observed the subjects.


Music Row Mansion, Nashville, TN

Music Row Mansion, Nashville, TN

In September, a total of 20 of us spent a long weekend Nashville, Tennessee, and we stayed in a terrific three-story mansion on Music Row.  We enjoyed visiting the honky-tonks on Broadway, the Grand Ole Opry, Studio B, and the Country Music Hall of Fame.  This painting features some things I saw at the CMHF.  Buck Owen’s all-American guitar takes us way back to the Bakersfield Sound, I simply adore Randy Travis and evidently fringe is currently in style again J, and Brad Paisley’s iconic hat has a presence of its own!  The white hat on white paper was a bit of a challenge but I am improving a bit at negative painting.


Country Music Hall of Fame Items, Nashville, TN

Country Music Hall of Fame Items, Nashville, TN

I have lots to share this month and also look forward to playing along with the #WorldWatercolorGroup prompts for November.  It feels good to be back!

24 thoughts on “Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Welcome back Carol😀! Nice to see your sketchbook, and read about your travel stories . Looking forward for many more!

  2. Welcome back, Carol! I’m glad you got to have such a fantastic time away. Your travel paintings were lovely – thanks for sharing! ^_^

  3. Thanks, Sissh! I didn’t have a ton of time to comment, but your Inktober creations were awesome. It was fun to see what you came up with each day.

  4. Nice to have you back with your beautiful artwork Carol. I’m happy you’ve been having a great time travelling…(I love that white hat btw)

  5. Hi Carol! Welcome back after the travellings! How nice you could carry your artbook and capture the memories in your artwork! 🙂 They are priceless indeed!

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