Public Transportation, #WorldWatercolorGroup

Our city’s streetcar system just opened this week, but it has been a topic of a lot of controversy.  OMG, so much mudslinging and grumbling took place about the proposed streetcar:  Is the route too limited?  Where will the city get the money to maintain it?  Will it actually make a beneficial impact and for whom?  These are all valid questions, but it amazes me how adults sometimes can turn into whiny, grouchy human beings when they disagree. The streetcar looked like when first delivered to the city; it has since been painted to the specifications of the sponsor.


I go to the city often enough, usually on weekends for an event or a delicious dinner, but I doubt that I will have much need to ride the streetcar.  However, I can see that it will be beneficial for those who live in the city and have limited access to transportation.  The streetcar goes past some hot spots like Findlay Market, Fountain Square, and The Banks, but only time will tell whether or not it will be successful.  Either way, I have a feeling more whining complaints are going to be heard over the next few weeks until things settle into place.  I plan to ride it at some point just to check it out, and once all the kinks are worked out I hope it becomes a useful mode of transportation to many now that it has actually been completed.

10 thoughts on “Public Transportation, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. They want to add one here, as well, for an area underserved by public transportation. And yes! complaints galore. I hope it gets done though. Public transport is the way to go I think. I like the space-age look of yours. (K)

  2. Having just seen it in person yesterday; this is a very good picture of what it looks like and yes, hopefully it will be good use of transportation as it does hit all the spots that visitors and us Cincinnatians visit.

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