Train, #WorldWatercolorGroup

Yes, two posts in one day!  This is a first for me, but I wanted to contribute to Draw A Bird Day as well as participate in the #WorldWatercolorGroup prompt, which is train.  I decided to go the fabric route rather than the locomotive route.  Also, I’ve been on a kick with my Derwent Inktense pencils which hopefully qualify as watercolor since water is needed to activate them. Evidently the longer the train on a wedding dress, the more formal the wedding, which would explain why Princess Diana’s wedding dress train was so long.  Our local museum had her dress, tiara, wedding accessories, etc. on display last year or so, and I was thrilled to see these items in person.  Such beautiful craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail!


My bride’s dress appears to be a semi-formal length.  This is my first time to draw fabric and a person as a subject, as a matter of fact, and although it is not perfect I thought it was fun.  Lastly, here is a fun fact – While researching bridal trains, I read on the Internet about a bride who had a train that was almost 2-miles long, and she went up in a hot air balloon with the ridiculous train flowing behind her.  If it’s on the internet it must be true, right?



8 thoughts on “Train, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. Two paintings in one day and an excellent job on both! This is lovely Carol – I’d never say this is your first attempt at these subjects. ^_^

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