Draw A Bird Day, September 2016

This hummingbird sketch was painted in my Moleskine sketchbook on a hot summer evening a few weeks ago.  We have two hummingbird feeders and at least four hummingbirds who visit, and they spend much more time chasing each other off than actually drinking nectar.  It is fascinating to watch them hover, dive, and chirp angrily at each other, and just as interesting to watch their really long tongues lap up the sugar water.


We’ve had such fun observing them this summer and will miss them when they head south in a month or so.  However, I am eager to move into autumn, my favorite time of the year.

11 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, September 2016

  1. How fun to read this. They do seem to chase each other off all the time. Love your little hummer. We only have the Ruby-throated hummingbird and most of them are already gone. I leave the feeder up in case there are any stragglers.

  2. Looks like we had the same bird on the brain today, Carol! 😊 Lovely painting of a hummer! They are super fun to watch. I think they are my favorite of all birds. 💖🎨

  3. Amazing birds aren’t they? I envy you at being able to see them at close range and being able to be visited by them. You are lucky to have shared comfortable silence with them….watching, enjoying their behavior and quirks. Bliss!

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