Beach Ball, #WorldWatercolorGroup

It is warm here today with lower humidity, and if we had a pool it would be a perfect day to swim. Growing up were fortunate enough to have a pool, and my dad even installed outdoor lights so we could go night swimming. We went through many beach balls over those years, and they probably spent more time out of the pool than in because of my horrible aim. There was nothing like getting ready for the first swim of the year and inflating the beach balls and floats – ahhhhh, I can almost smell the potent chemical odor of colorful plastic beach balls and suntan lotion, well before the era of SPF.  

It is amazing how drawing this beach ball brought back tons of memories about those hot summer days of the 1970s. Now to lather on some sunscreen and create some new memories. ☀️

18 thoughts on “Beach Ball, #WorldWatercolorGroup

  1. That is do cool you had a pool as a kid! My neighbor had one and we were always hoping she would invite us over on a hot day to cool off. 😎 Your beach ball painting is super fun!! 🌈💕

  2. Carol, you have brought back some sweet memories for your dear old dad and mom. Beach ball is just as we remember it. Love, Mom

  3. Love the beach ball! Your memories made me reminisce my own with my Aunt’s pool. My cousins and I would go swim in her pool everyday during summer, night swimming included too and what fun memories we all had.

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