An Official Sketchbook, Pink Flowers 

Thanks to many talented bloggers and artists, I have been inspired to keep an official sketchbook.  While I have had sketchbooks in the past, they were haphazardly kept and the paper barely qualified as being watercolor worthy. I will continue to use these for practice, but last month I bought a real Moleskine artist-quality sketchbook and am so pleased with it. The pages are thick and can withstand lots of water without much warp. 

This sketchbook will chronical some everyday things and experiences, so first off is this painting of pink flowers observed at a nature preserve we visited.  

Sabatia  Flowers

Sabatia Flowers

It is still blasted hot here but is supposed to become more temperate in the next few days. Thank goodness for that! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

14 thoughts on “An Official Sketchbook, Pink Flowers 

  1. Such pretty flowers, Carol! 💐 And YAY for starting a sketchbook!!! 😊👍 I am enjoying keeping one too. In fact, I have decided to try to learn to make my own and will post about it on my blog tomorrow in case you are interested. 💕🎨

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