Wedding Cake Illustrations #WorldWatercolorMonth

During World Watercolor Month I have discovered so many great artists and their blogs, and I came across this blog post by Beth Briggs, who is a very talented artist and illustrator of everything fashion, floral, and feminine.  Her watercolor designs and creations are so classy and sophisticated yet girly and playful.  Her blog includes many DIY features, and she states that her mission is to encourage and inspire the artist in everyone.  Well, she certainly inspired me, especially with a tutorial on illustrating wedding cakes.  It was very timely as we have been to a few weddings already this year and have a few more to go, necessitating me to whip up a new batch of wedding cards.

Wedding Cake from DIY tutorial

Wedding Cake Card 1


Wedding Cake 2 from DIY tutorial

Wedding Cake Card 2

I decided to use my Koh-I-Noor watercolor pencils rather than paint because of the fine details on many of the flowers, and oh what fun these were to create!  Of course I had to finish the tiniest details with a little shimmer and sparkle with Wink of Stella pens, and I was quite happy with how they turned out. I am working a couple others styles and will post those in a few days.  In the meantime, be sure to stop by Beth Brigg’s blog and check it out!

I’m sad to see the inaugural World Watercolor Month come to an end and would like to thank Charlie at Doodlewash for dreaming up this spectacular event. Charlie, you were so kind to comment on and like what I am guessing were hundreds of blog and Facebook posts daily, so hopefully now you can rest for a few days.  I am also hopeful that WWM was a success in getting donations and raising awareness for the Dreaming Zebra Foundation and the Art Room Aid project sponsored by Dick Blick.  It’s still not too late to donate and you can do so by clicking on the links directly above.

I KNOW World Watercolor Month was a success in bringing together watercolor enthusiasts of all skill levels from around the globe!  I have met many talented blogger friends who will undoubtedly continue to inspire through their watercolor sketches.

World Watercolor Month 2016

World Watercolor Month 2016


15 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Illustrations #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. These are beautiful, Carol. As a “retired” cake decorator I would have loved for one of my wedding cakes to look like these.

  2. Beautiful cakes!! Love these!! 😍And thanks for the lovely words and shout out! Yeah…it was hundreds of posts and I need to probably nap during August, but we all know I won’t! Lol Thanks so much for being a part of it! And here’s to keeping those brushes moving going forward into August!! Yay!

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