Carrot Bunch #WorldWatercolorMonth

Carrots contain many antioxidants and other health-supporting nutrients and are good for you, but you already knew that.  I won’t bore you with other details about carrots, except that I had a lot of fun painting this bunch and was very happy with how they turned out the first go-round, which is pretty huge for me.  Now, go eat some carrots because I care about you 🙂   Have a great weekend!


Carrot Bunch

Carrot Bunch

World Watercolor Month is flying by! Remember, we are raising awareness for the Dreaming Zebra Foundation and the Art Room Aid project sponsored by Dick Blick with hopes of bringing art supplies and teaching to children who otherwise would not have exposure to the enriching world of art. Please consider a donation today!

World Watercolor Month 2016

16 thoughts on “Carrot Bunch #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. Wow, my thumbnail of this made me think, ‘I wonder why she is showing a photo of carrots?’ What a surprise to see its a painting. Wonderful!

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