Alaskan Sea Lion Pup #WorldWatercolorMonth

I’ve used Paint My Photo and other various internet sites to find subject matter in the past, and they are great for inspiration.  While perusing my computer for a specific photo recently, I came across so many amazing photos taken by my shutterbug husband and friends and found many fun subjects to paint.  This cute little sea lion photo was taken by my friend Ronda when a group of us visited Alaska quite a few years ago.  I believe she saw this pup while on a whale-watching excursion, but sea lions were plentiful in the glacial waters we explored.


Alaskan Sea Lion Pup

Alaskan Sea Lion Pup

My favorite place we saw sea lions was around the gigantic Hubbard Glacier, which is up to 400 feet tall and over six miles wide where it meets the ocean!  I was in awe of its grandeur and gorgeous blue colors, not to mention its sound – yes, glaciers are noisy.  There is lots of creaking and cracking as ice breaks apart or bumps together, and when a chunk splits and falls, also known as calving, it makes a thunderous sound!  A calved chunk of ice is called an iceberg.  Icebergs smaller than a car are usually called growlers, and larger ones are called bergy bits.


A section of the Hubbard Glacier

A section of the Hubbard Glacier

But I digress – the sea lions swam happily around the glacier and all the floating bergs.  The ship had to stay a certain distance away from the magnificent glacier, and the sea lions appeared to be smaller than the size of pinhead.  It was a little like playing Where’s Waldo, but once you spotted a couple they were easier to find.  Can you tell I am in awe of the Hubbard Glacier? 🙂  Thanks, Ronda, for allowing me to use your photo!

World Watercolor Month is flying by! Remember, we are raising awareness for the Dreaming Zebra Foundation and the Art Room Aid project sponsored by Dick Blick with hopes of bringing art supplies and teaching to children who otherwise would not have exposure to the enriching world of art. Please consider a donation today!

World Watercolor Month 2016

World Watercolor Month 2016



17 thoughts on “Alaskan Sea Lion Pup #WorldWatercolorMonth

  1. As everyone said he or she is such a cutie. Dad and I have been to Alaska twice and loved it both times. Your seal is adorable. Love, Mom

  2. Joan, thank you for your sweet words! I am happy that you like my paintings and that you took a moment to comment, which made my day! 😘💐

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