Wonky Day

I woke up this morning with renewed enthusiasm for the day and many things on my list. Then I suddenly started to feel a bit wonky and realized a virus decided to put a kibosh on my plans.  Darn it, too, because I had so many ideas for paintings to sketch out, but that will have to be done another day. Even though I slept away most of the day, I barely had enough energy to sketch and put some color on a quick and wonky doodlewash of my dinner. 

Sometimes a little chicken broth, banana, and ginger ale can make a person feel human again.  Here’s to a better day tomorrow!! 

25 thoughts on “Wonky Day

  1. I like potato chips, very salty, with my chicken broth, but it’s definitely a helper to bring back some energy. Get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow will bring something new! (K)

  2. Thanks! I was starting to feel a little better by then and thought that playing with my paints might lift my spirits a little, and they did 🙂 Then I hit the hay early and slept the night away; feeling mostly well today. Have a great day, Sissh!

  3. Thanks, Birgit. Today is much better – I’ll have to remember the potato chip trick for next time. Have a great day!

  4. Thanks, Kerfe. Yes, a good night’s sleep surely does wonders. I’ll have to try the potato chips next time, or maybe today for lunch 🙂

  5. Thanks, Charlie! I was starting to feel better last night and decided to do something fun and sketch, even though it turned out a bit off kilter. After a full night’s sleep I am good as new today and ready to go. Have a great Thursday! 🙂

  6. I’m glad Carol, I hope you’ll be much better soon 😊 It’s a hot summer day, I’ll feel great if it rains again. Thank you for asking.

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