Lion’s Paw Scallop #NatureDoodlewash

When we go to the beach as a family, our goal is to relax and reconnect.  A favorite activity is simply walking along the beach, observing and exploring, looking mostly for sharks teeth and any novelties that wash ashore.

A few years ago I spotted a bright orange color in the surf at low tide, just as the tide was starting to creep up.  I figured what I saw was probably a washed away beach toy but wanted to see for sure. The orange object was covered by the quickly rising tide a couple of times, but I was able to keep track of it under the waves because of the bright color.  Reaching for a third time I finally had this great Lion’s Paw scallop shell in my grip.  It was such fun to paint, too, because of its unusual color.

Lion's Paw Scallop Shell in watercolor

Lion’s Paw Scallop Shell in watercolor

Over the next few weeks I will share paintings of other beachy goodness as I participate in the #naturedoodlewash adventure.  Again, thanks to Charlie for hosting the event.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!






16 thoughts on “Lion’s Paw Scallop #NatureDoodlewash

  1. Thank you Carol that’s why I love to make pieces that are created in Limited Edition or one of a kind especially when I use unique found! And yes they are a great focal point! I am very happy that you like them! 😉

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