Ice Cold Lemonade, #DoodlewashDinner

Charlie at Doodlewash has declared this month’s adventure as #DoodlewashDinner, which sounds like a lot of great potluck fun.  Yesterday, National Lemonade Day, our local temperature hit 80 degrees, which made it a perfect day for an ice cold lemonade in a frosty glass.  Since I didn’t have any real lemons and wanted to spend the day playing with my paints, I decided to paint some instead.

Ice Cold Lemonade

Ice Cold Lemonade

Lemonade dates back to ancient Egypt and was surely quite refreshing in that heat, even if they didn’t have ice cubes.  Usually lemonade comes in the regular yellow variety or in pink, which is created by adding the juice of your favorite red fruit.  The best lemonade I ever had was infused with a slight hint of lavender, and I have also had it infused with rosemary – delicious!

27 thoughts on “Ice Cold Lemonade, #DoodlewashDinner

  1. Beautiful :-)! Your lemons look juicy and fragrant; your glass looks perfectly frosty; and those yellows just make me smile. I like lavender syrup with carbonated water and lemon. Lemonade infused with rosemary sounds fancy!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Your words mean a lot to me! It is just so much fun, and I liked playing along with Charlie and friends last month. It was good having random subjects to paint and am glad we have a theme again this month. I might just paint National holidays all year long so I don’t get stuck in a comfort zone. Thanks again, Laura!

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