National Animal Cracker Day – #doodlewashaday

I remember back in the day while grocery shopping with my mother, my siblings and I would each get a little red box of animal crackers.  Wild animals in a circus train car were pictured on the front, and a little shoelace-type string served as a handle.  The crackers (aka cookies) were shaped like circus animals and were also identifiable by intricately etched details.  Mom would open the boxes right there in the cookie aisle, and we would cheerfully bite the heads off the cookies and devour them throughout the store.

National Animal Cracker Day #Doodlewashaday

National Animal Cracker Day #Doodlewashaday

Over the years, the cookie box handle was replaced by cardboard.  Also, the cookies became less detailed until they morphed into blobby shapes with no identifiable etchings, which is good for me because I excel in drawing blobby shapes.   🙂  I limited the time spent on this painting for two reasons: 1) to keep me from overworking like I usually do, and 2) to see if I could produce something decent in a short amount of time.  It is definitely not the greatest but it was fun, and I think I will try the time limit thing again.  Happy National Animal Cracker Day!

11 thoughts on “National Animal Cracker Day – #doodlewashaday

  1. Thank you for taking me down memory lane Carol. I too remember when the cookies came in a shoe string handle box and when the cookies had some shape and detail. My mother did not buy them often so they were a real treat!

  2. Another person who bites the heads off! LOL! Your animals are wonderfully painted Carol and I like how you added a glass of milk to make it a proper snack… :-)))

  3. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as the sweet artwork! Love the descriptive details…and remember well those same details as you describe. You may think the painting does not capture the detail, but the essence is what you capture so well.
    Sweet memories! How did you find out it was national animal cracker day😄

  4. Hi Vicki: Thanks for the kind words! There is a National Day Calendar with a variety of little-known holidays for each day. They have a Facebook page too. You should follow them 😀

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