Annual Draw A Bird Day, April 2016

Even though many of us bloggers celebrate Draw A Bird Day monthly on the 8th, today is the originally recognized Draw A Bird Day, April 8.  Personally, I like celebrating it each month because I enjoy using birds for subjects in my work, and now because they are abundantly hopping around in the back yard, I present an American Robin, based on a beautiful photograph taken by Jennifer Livick’s American Robin Photo at Paint My Photo.

American Robin

American Robin

This robin was painted perched on dead tree branches with a soft blue background in order to show off the bird’s distinctive coloring.  We have had buckets of rain lately, so I am sure there are plenty of worms in the yard for them to hunt.  Many years in a row Robins have built a nest on our downspout, but we must keep our distance!  Grownup Robins aren’t fond of anyone getting too near the nest – they will chatter angrily and dive bomb, so we observe behind the safety of our screened-in porch.  Hubby has to be on alert when going past the nest while cutting the grass!  Spring is finally here in all its glory; the weather can’t make up its mind if it wants to be warm or cold and we have experienced high winds, rain, and even snowflakes, but we’ve also had warm sunshine, blue skies, gentle breezes, and robins!  Now to take a walk before the rain rolls in . . .


6 thoughts on “Annual Draw A Bird Day, April 2016

  1. Love the robin. We’ve seen quite a few this Spring. One even came and ate some of the peanuts dad put out for the other birds. Love, Mom

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