Winji in Watercolor

I’ve been busy this last week painting a watercolor of my dog, Winji.  She has been a part of our family for many years, and because I work from home she is my shadow all day long.  I really wanted to try to get her sweetness to show in this picture and hope I did her justice; she seemed to approve.  😉



Using only the three primaries in this painting I was very pleased with the colors I mixed, especially the blacks.  Daniel Smith watercolors are really spoiling me and I am glad I invested in a small set of primaries and a small set of Primatek colors.  I am trying to challenge myself to mix from the primaries whatever colors I need, but boy oh boy the Primatek colors are rich and luxurious.

Here is a question for my artist friends – do you usually paint backgrounds for your subjects or do you leave the backgrounds white?  I struggled a little with the carpet that the dog is sitting on but didn’t want to leave her floating around on a white page.  I seem to have a difficult time deciding what colors to use in a background or how intense to make it because I don’t want it to be distracting.  I would truly appreciate your thoughts on how to do backgrounds that are complimentary to the subject (and hopefully easy) and am eager to hear your suggestions!  Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Winji in Watercolor

  1. So sweet…I find that when I attempt backgrounds they don’t work…but that could be me and not enough of my own work on doing them. So usually I skip them when painting. Collage, I do backgrounds first, so no problem there. Everything is fitted onto what is there to begin with. (K)

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