Draw a Bird Day – March 2016

Today’s Blue Jay is in honor of Draw a Bird Day for March. It is based on a photo taken by Robin (how ironic!) on Paint My Photo, and I thank her for sharing this great picture. Not only was I drawn in by this grand bird, but I liked the background transition of the mud into the snow.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

We have a lot of Blue Jays around here and although they are usually thought of as noisy, messy bullies at the bird feeder, they have some good qualities, too. They are known for their intelligence and complex social systems. The black band across the head and neck varies from bird to bird and help Blue Jays recognize each other. Also, they create close-knit families and often mate for life. Kinda cool. Thanks for visiting!

12 thoughts on “Draw a Bird Day – March 2016

  1. Great contrast of mud, snow and the brilliant blue. We have a lot of blue jays around here. They may be bullies but they are gorgeous. N.

  2. What a beautiful Blue Jay. They are so pretty but they are bullies. This one is perfect. Love , Mom

  3. Thanks, Beth! Even though you don’t have Blue Jays, you have reddish squirrels with playful ears, ducks I’ve never seen before, and an abundance of beautiful flowers we don’t have here. How fun that we can share so much half way around the world! 👍🏻

  4. Hi Carol. Sorry for this very late reaction: ET is sick.
    Yes you are right, that never ceases to amaze me! Being connected to all corners of the world is truly amazing.
    I’ve been always grateful for all I have. Encouraging comments like yours do motivate me to continue. Thank you and have a lovely Wednesday 😊

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