Paint Along, Day 5

Today is the last day of the Paint Along Series on Sandy Allnock’s blog, and I rather enjoyed painting along and seeing what everyone created. I laughed at myself a lot during the making of this painting because I inadvertently splattered dark paint across the picture midway through, but thankfully I was able to lift off the splotches quickly.  Then, the moon was ridiculously lopsided and wonky at one point, but I think I rectified it pretty well by smoothing the edges a little, lifting paint, and painting more branches across the uneven areas.  In planning out the black paint, I wanted to be sure to mix enough so as to not run out and then not be able to match it up correctly, and boy did I ever do a good job – I mixed up so much black paint that I can probably paint at least five more of these (maybe I will)!

Paint Along, Day 5

Paint Along, Day 5

Hope you enjoyed my week-long journey.  I had fun making the paintings even though some were not the greatest – you can’t win them all, right?  Now, what to do with all that extra black paint?  TGIF 🙂


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