Paint Along, Day 1

I am participating in a Paint Along Series hosted by Sandy Allnock, an incredibly talented, generous artist and papercrafter, who first came known to me many years ago as she was the founder of Operation Write Home. Since the time OWH became “mission accomplished” a year or so ago, Sandy has freely shared her journey and knowledge of many mediums, most notably watercolor.  Last week she hosted a Paint-Along series on her blog, but because I was out of town I am just now getting to Day 1.  Here is my finished work.

Although I mixed the colors a little differently and put my own spin on some of the areas, it was so informative and inspiring to listen to her thought process as she explained and painted.  What a fun way to practice and learn!

Now to catch up with Days 2-5.  I can’t wait to get started on the next picture!

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