Birthday Chipmunk

No, I didn’t get a chipmunk for my birthday, but I sort of gave one.  My sister-in-law, Julie, loves these little critters so I thought I’d try to paint one for her birthday.  I painted one last year but it was a little scrawny; however, it was the best I could do at that time as a new watercolorist.

Thanks to Lindsay Weirich, aka The Frugal Crafter, I’ve been introduced to a website called Paint My Photo.  Generous photographers upload their photos to the site, thereby giving permission to others to use their images as reference photos for artwork, royalty and copyright free.  Thank you, Joan, at PMP for allowing me to use your photo!

Birthday Chipmunk

Birthday Chipmunk

I hope the Joan feels this painting did justice to her chipmunk.  During the painting process I learned that there are a zillion shades of brown that can be mixed (or so it seems), so I must mix an adequate amount the first time so as to not run out (actually, that is watercolor 101 – it’s hard to remember everything!).  Hope you had a great birthday, Julie!

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