Draw a Bird Day – January 2016

Here we are again – the 8th of the month – a day some folks in the blogosphere call Draw A Bird Day.  The official draw a bird day is April 8, but some enjoyed it so much that we now celebrate our feathered friends once a month.  You know what?  I am glad that I stumbled onto this custom because I have discovered that I really enjoy drawing and painting birds!  Who knew?  There is just something about them that I can’t explain.

Young Osprey

Young Osprey With Its Catch

Today’s bird is painted from a photo taken by my talented brother-in-law.  He enjoys hiking through our local parks and has taken pictures of birds that I have never seen around here before.  Guess I need to get out and hike more often, but even if I saw them I could never photograph them as beautifully as he does.  Here is my version of an immature Osprey with its delicious catch.  I hope I did justice by his awesome photo, and I know he will continue to inspire me with his artistic photography.

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