Olive Branch in Watercolor

In looking back at photos from our trip to Greece I knew I wanted to paint this branch of olives that we saw on the magnificent island of Corfu, which boasts over 4 million olive trees. Our guide Spiros took us to olive groves where the trees were hundreds of years old; the trunks are HUGE which does not allow machinery to shake the olives free. Because of this and because of the relaxed nature of the folks of Corfu, they simply lay nets on the ground and allow the olives to fall from the trees to be gathered in the nets. This produces a film of olive oil on the ground which made walking a little slippery, but it was worth it to see these ancient gems.

Watercolor of Olive Branch, Corfu, Greece

Watercolor of Olive Branch, Corfu, Greece

I’ve been practicing watercolor a lot for the last few weeks and am finding that some subject matters seem to come more naturally to me than others. I definitely enjoy painting birds, flowers, and plants more so than landscapes and buildings, so maybe I should focus on what I like for a while to improve my knowledge, techniques, and outcomes. Then I can focus on what I find more challenging. I wonder if other aspiring artists out there feel like this and how they plan their journeys.

I hope your week leading up to the Christmas holiday is joyful and relaxing.

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