Ford Country

I actually made these cards a few years ago but just came across the pictures while transferring my old computer to a new one. The designs are kind of “sneezy,” and even though I hopefully have better design skills now, they are still fun cards.  The strips on the left side of the cards are actually a shiny mirrored paper, but they picked up reflections from my clothing, etc. and look a little wonky, so you will have to use your imagination that they are super shiny chrome!

United We 'Stang

United We ‘Stang

Mustang Country

Mustang Country

Ford - A True Classic

Ford – A True Classic



F-150 Ford Trucks

F-150 Ford Trucks

These cards are a little different than what I usually make, but I spotted these awesome Ford stickers at Stamping Buddies, an independently owned stamp store in town. The owner, Pam, is really good at stocking things other than the usual findings at the big box stores, so each visit to Stamping Buddies makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop! Of course I also had to buy these Ford stickers because my dad started working at Ford in his teens and worked there until he retired! We are definitely a Ford family – I learned to drive back in the 1970s in a Cougar, then moved to a huge Galaxy 500. I figure if you can drive a Galaxy 500, you can drive anything! But I digress. Do you remember what kind of car you first learned to drive?

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