Need Colors?


Patterned Paper - Thank You

Patterned Paper – Thank You

Last week I worked on cards that were mostly white, so this week I needed some pops of color on my projects. Lively colors can help shake off the winter doldrums, if you ask me.

Patterned Paper - Birthday

Patterned Paper – Birthday

All of these cards are for OWH, and believe it or not now is the time to make Mother’s Day cards for them.  Below are three that I made using 6×6 patterned paper pads.  I love how well they mix and match.


Patterned Paper - Mother's Day

Patterned Paper – Mother’s Day

Patterned Paper - Mother's Day 2

Patterned Paper – Mother’s Day 2

Patterned Paper - Mother's Day 3

Patterned Paper – Mother’s Day 3

My favorite is the 3rd Mother’s Day card because of the retro feel to the colors and patterns.  I will be working on more pops of color this weekend with watercolor and will share soon.  TGIF!

4 thoughts on “Need Colors?

  1. Hi! I’m pretty sure you will know that I left a comment on your CCP’s and not anonymously! It was the best I could come up with, and not sound like a proud mother(in-law).It was nice talking to Jer the other day.Dad won at Euchre last night, so he was happy, and his golf is also going well.Had a rain storm overnight, but today is just cloudy and cool , (high of 63).Have potluck tomorrow night, and I am taking sourkraut.Anyway, hope you don’t get too much snow, or colder weather.I talked to your Mom yesterday, which was nice. We’re talking about future day trips. I guess that’s all.Love,MomH

  2. Carol, I think all of the cards are pretty but I also like the third one. You do such good work. Love, Mo,m

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