Happy New Year – Happy New Hobby

I have been making some cards this past month but mostly I have been practicing my watercolor skills.  I am getting a little better week by week, and I find that painting the same subject two or three times really teaches me a lot about mixing colors and how to get the best consistency of paint for the subject matter.  I have shared a few of these on Instagram and/or Facebook so I thought I would share them on my blog.  Keep in mind I am just a beginner and hope to be much better by this time next year!  Below are some projects that I did in November and December.  I seem to be drawn to animals (mostly birds), flowers, and landscapes.  Today I will feature some of the critters I’ve been working on as well as a picture of my instructor and classmates who helped me learn so much!


Mallard and his reflection


Chipmunk – turned into a birthday card



Chickadee 1

Chickadee on a snowy branch

Chickadee 2



Classmates – Carol, Mark Willenbrink – Watercolor Artist, Me, Cindy, and Hao

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