Retirement Card

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a retirement lunch for one of my coworkers. With the kind of work I do and because I work from a home office, I generally don’t get to see my coworkers very often although we talk on the phone and of course communicate through email and text all the time. I had worked with Barbara for a few years and could tell she had a beautiful heart right off the bat, and I quickly learned that she can tell a story like no other.  She definitely never takes herself too seriously and can tell it like it is. Her down-to-earth perspective of daily life can result in side-splitting laughter, so you can see why I was eager to finally get to meet her if only once before she retired and moved to live with her son and his family in Michigan. I told you she has a beautiful heart – and an emotional one too – which makes her all the more endearing.

Retirment Card

Retirement Card

I made her this card and wanted it to be as bright and cheerful and special as she is.  I stamped the flowers in vivid orange and yellow ink and topped that layer with the sentiment-stamped vellum, which softens the colors a little.  That way the background paper isn’t competing as much with the paper flowers I added to the front. Best wishes to Barbara in her retirement!!

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