Visions of Doodles Danced in Our Heads

Over the past month we were greeted on Facebook with status updates by the Crop-A-Doodle-Do that said, “Hello Doodle fans! HUGE announcement Feb. 5th!”  Then there was another teaser, “…a math problem… Brett + A Plan + Construction = Happy Scrappers,” as well as their favorite movie is “Home Alone.” I hated to get my hopes up too high but we were all elated with the thought that our beloved Crop-A-Doodle-Do was going to reopen bigger and better than ever. Could it be true? My crafty friends and I certainly hoped so because we have not been able to recreate our wonderful crafting weekends anywhere else. Waiting with anticipation of the news on February 5th, it was hard to stop thinking of the possibilities. Then came the announcement; the suspense was over but I had very mixed emotions about it. Yes, they are going to reopen but not in the capacity we are used to. While crafters are welcome on weekends as always, it seems that their main focus is going to be on destination weddings in 2015 (building two pavilions out back) with the revamping of the B&B to cater to couples and families (no more twin beds which are optimal for a girls’ weekend – yes, we love our togetherness but most of us prefer having our own single bed). The B&B will be open to travelers throughout the week. Scrapping weekends are less expensive now but no food is served on the weekends and we would have to take care of all our meals. While this is not a really big deal – although we did enjoy being pampered and served our meals and snacks all weekend – my thought is that we can find these kind of accommodations a lot closer to home.



The news was a little bit of a letdown for me. I’m not totally opposed to trying it at some point, but I am not rushing to my calendar to book a weekend either.  Most of my friends had mixed feelings about it as well.  Pashaw. However, I do wish them well in their new endeavors because all the folks associated with the Crop-A-Doodle-Do are really good, sweet folks.

Doodle Card

Doodle Card

I don’t think I ever posted the above card, but it was my entry for their Christmas card contest in 2012. Best wishes to the folks at the Crop-A-Doodle-Do!

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